We sell quality Soybeans both at local and international markets. 

Product Name: Soybean

Botanical Name: Glycine max

Product Type: Non-GMO/GMO

Place of Origin: Nigeria

Packaging: 25kg/50kg PP Bags/According to buyer's request

Quality: Grade A

MOQ: 18 Metric Tonnes

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Other buyer-supplier agreed terms

Delivery Schedule: 15-30 Days



Laboratory Analysis from SGS

Moisture ISO 665 % 8.14
Oil Content ISO 659 % 19.68
Total Ash ISO 928 % 4.89
Acid Insoluble Ash ISO 930 % 1.50
Purity ISO 658 % 99.99
Colour Visual Light Yellow
Odour Sensory Normal

NB: Certificate available upon request

Price/Metric Ton: Use Request for Quote link below



1. The scientific name for a soybean plant is Glycine max.

2. Because of the high protein content, soybean products are widely used in meat and dairy substitutes.

3. The United States is the largest grower of soybeans, producing 32% of the world’s supply.

4. Soybeans are believed to have originated in East Asia, with evidence of soybean crops as early as 7000-6600 BC in areas of China.

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